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Red Hot Chili Peppers

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Unlimited Love (Orange Vinyl)

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Unlimited Love (Orange Vinyl)

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Red Hot Chili Peppers - Unlimited Love (Orange Vinyl)

Our only goal is to get lost in the music. John, Anthony, Chad and Flea spent thousands of hours, collectively and individually, honing their craft and showing up for one another, to make the best album they could. Their antennae attuned to the divine cosmos, they were just so damn grateful for the opportunity to be in a room together, and, once again, try to get better. Days, weeks and months spent listening to each other, composing, jamming freely, and arranging the fruit of those jams with great care and purpose. The sounds, rhythms, vibrations, words and melodies had them enrapt.

They yearn to shine a light in the world, to uplift, connect, and bring people together. Each of the songs on their new album UNLIMITED LOVE, is a facet of them, reflecting their view of the universe. This is their life’s mission. They work, focus, and prepare, so that when the biggest wave comes, they are ready to ride it. The ocean has gifted them a mighty wave and this record is the ride that is the sum of their lives. 


- LP 1 | Side A -
1 Black Summer
2 Here Ever After
3 Aquatic Mouth Dance
4 Not the One
- LP 1 | Side B -
1 Poster Child
2 The Great Apes
3 It's Only Natural
4 She's a Lover
- LP 2 | Side A -
1 These Are the Ways
2 Whatchu Thinkin'
3 Bastards of Light
4 White Braids & Pillow Chair
5 One Way Traffic
- LP 2 | Side B -
1 Veronica
2 Let 'Em Cry
3 The Heavy Wing
4 Tangelo

LABEL: Warner Records
UPC: 093624873921
RELEASE DATE: 4/1/2022

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