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Flaco Jimenez & Max Baca - Legends & Legacies (CD)

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Flaco Jimenez & Max Baca - Legends & Legacies (CD)

In the world of accordion-driven Tejano conjunto music, Grammy award winners Flaco Jimenez and Max Baca are at once pillars of the past and forgers of the future. LEGENDS AND LEGACIES spotlights these larger-than-life artists, each an inheritor of a musical legacy from his father and grandfather, and each a dynamic force of musical genius. This recording captures the essential sounds of conjunto tradition with Flaco's 3-row button accordion and Max's deep-pitched bajo sexto. Electric bass and drum kit round out the ensemble.

01. Margarita, Margarita
02. Cada Vez Que Cae La Tarde (Each Time the Afternoon Wanes)
03. El Pesudo (The Man with Lots of Pesos)
04. Me Voy Lejos (I'm Going Far Away)
05. Borradita Diente De Oro (Bright-Eyed Golden-Tooth Girl)                                  06. La Múcura (The Clay Jug)
07. Mi Primer Amor (My First Love)
08. El Parrandero (The Man on a Spree)
09. Los Amores De José (José's Loves)
10. Brincando Cercas (Jumping Fences)
11. Jardin de las flores (Garden of the Flowers)
12. La Viejita (The Little Old Lady)
13. Beer-Drinking Polka
14. La Nueva Zenaida (The New Zenaida)
15. Morena, Morenita (Dark Woman, Little Dark Woman)
16. Ay Te Guacho Cucaracho (See You Later, Alligator)
17. Fiesta Alegre (Joyful Fiesta)

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