RSD Black Friday 2021


We are so excited to be apart of Record Store Day Black Friday 2021. Our list is a bit smaller than most but we would love for you to do some shopping with us. We will be opening from 10-3PM. Record Store releases are strictly limited to 1 title per person. Items still in stock will be available on our website starting at 1 PM. 


RSD Titles are all very limited so it's first come, first served, like a regular RSD.

  • Del Bravo will be opening at 10 AM on Friday, November 26th for RSD Black Friday and online at 8 AM on Saturday, November 27th.

  • You may line up as early as you want outside like usual and we will see you when we get there! The regular part of the store will be open for regular shopping starting at the normal opening time of noon.

  • We ask everyone to keep in mind social distancing recommendations while waiting, and please keep an appropriate 6 foot distance from the customers in front of and behind you. Y'all are the best and we are VERY lucky to have you as customers and friends so we know you will be super cool about this!

  • Check out the list found here or at the bottom of this page so you know what to look for when you arrive!

  • Thanks so much in advance from all of us for your cooperation and your support! We are excited to see you! Hope y'all are too!