Our Story

   In 1951, Mr. & Mrs. Salome Gutierrez relocated from Nuevo Laredo, Mexico to San Antonio, Texas. After starting a family and years of hard work the couple founded Del Bravo Record Shop in 1966. The name “Del Bravo” originates from the region where they resided,  “El Rio Bravo” which is the river that divides Mexico from the United States. Whenever asked where he was from, Mr. Gutierrez would simply respond “Del Bravo” and thus Del Bravo Record Shop was born.

   The first Del Bravo Record Shop location opened its doors at 527 U.S. Hwy 90 West with only a handful selection of vinyl records displayed. Soon the popularity of this new neighborhood store began to rise and thus business revenue began to increase. By the early 1970’s they opened up their 2nd Del Bravo location at the corner of 24th St. and Ruiz St., and soon after that opened their 3rd location at the corner of 36th St. and Culebra Rd.

   By 1978 Mr. & Mrs. Gutierrez purchased an old military barrack at 554 Old Hwy 90 West to become its main store. In the early 1980’s with 3 Del Bravo locations in operations the Gutierrez’s made a decision to restructure the business. It was decided that all the shops would combine their entire inventory and personal information into the main location at 554 Old Hwy 90 West. The decision proved to be a success as this location continues to operate to this very day.

   Family has always been an importance at Del Bravo as throughout the years all 8 of the Gutierrez children, along with several grandchildren have worked in the business. In 2016 Del Bravo celebrated a bittersweet 50th anniversary having lost one of its founders in Mr. Salome Gutierrez R. His memory, hard work, and passion remain a driving force in continuing to serve the community he loved. Today Salome’s wife Mrs. Diamantina Gutierrez along with 5 of their children work daily to keep his legacy alive through the Record Shop.

   Del Bravo thanks you for your continuing support and are proud to be Texas’ oldest operating Record Shop.